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Frequently Asked Questions

1. FAQs

1, What do I need to do before taking lessons?
You CANNOT drive on the road without a Provisional Driving License. You can apply for a provisional driving licence when you’re 15 years and 9 months old.
You can start driving when you’re:

  • 17 if you want to drive a car

  • 16 if you want to ride a moped or light quad bike

Your licence will say when you can start driving different vehicles.

2. How and where do I apply for a Provisional Driving Licence?
Get your first provisional driving licence from DVLA online. Apply using your Government Gateway ID.
If you don’t have one or need to re-register, you’ll get an ID as part of your application.
Or Pick up a D1 form from your local Post Office

Can you help me with the theory test?
Yes. We can help you understand any difficult questions and recommend the most useful books, DVDs


3. Can I start driving lessons before I have passed my theory test?
You don’t need to have passed your theory test in order to start driving lessons. All you need is your Provisional Licence.

How do I apply for a theory test?
You can book online or by phone 0300 200 1122
You will need your driver number from your Provisional Licence and a credit / debit card to pay.

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4. When can I take my Practical Driving Test?
Once you have your Provisional Licence and have passed your Theory Test, you can then apply for your Driving Test, but be guided by your Driving Instructor as to when you are ready

5. How do I book my Driving Test?
You can book your test Online or by phone, 0300 200 1122 you will need a valid UK provisional driving licence, your theory test certificate number and a valid debit or credit card for payment (Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Visa Electron, Switch/Maestro and Solo cards are accepted)

6. What is Pass Plus?
Pass Plus is an extra six hour driving course for pupils who have passed the driving test. Pupils who reach a suitable standard are sent a certificate which may allow them cheaper insurance.

7. What payment do you accept?
We accept cash. 

Can I have more than one lesson a week?
Some pupils have 3 or 4 lessons per week. It really depends on how fast you wish to learn and instructors availability.

8. Can I be picked up and dropped off in a different place?

Pupils are collected from home & dropped off at home : home to home service. 
Lessons are conducted on a one to one basis with no car sharing. Pupils are collected from home, college or work place_ as previously agreed with your instructor.

We do not accept unagreed or un -anounced or sudden change of pick up & drop off - from the normal.

9. Which car will I take my practical driving test in?
You are able to take the practical driving test normally in your tuition practice vehicle - based on your instructors decision _ if instructor is satisfied. Most students prefer to take the practical driving test in their driving instructor’s car as this is the car that they will be most used to.

The driving school reserves right to refuse - use of driving school vehicle - if instructor makes that decision for example on public safety grounds.


10. How long is each lesson?
Lessons consist of 1, 1½ and 2 hours. Most pupils tend to prefer 1½ or 2 hour lessons as 1 hour isn’t quite enough and greater progress can be made.

11. How long will it take me to learn to drive and how many lessons will I need?
Every learner is an individual ccording to D.S.A.statistics, the average pupil who passes their test would have had 47 hours of professional tuition, plus an average of 30 hours of private practice but this can vary considerably between individuals.

12. How long does the practical driving test last?
The practical driving test lasts approximately 35-40 minutes and will entail driving on different types of roads with various road conditions. In addition to this you will be asked to perform 1 reversing manoeuvre , and potentially an emergency stop exercise and also a independent drive.

13. What are the Show Me Tell Me questions?
Before your Driving Test starts, the Examiner will ask you 2 questions. 1 ‘Tell Me’ question on car safety and maintenance which will require an explanation and 1 ‘Show Me’ question that will require roadhouse physically check something.
View Show Me Tell Me Questions.

Are there any Driving Test waiting times?
Yes It varies throughout the year. And from Centre to Centre

14. Foreign Driving Licence Holder
The holder of a foreign driving license should check with the DVLA (Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency) for their individual status. Other licence holders will require the issue of a provisional licence and have to go through the process of the theory test and then the practical test to drive in the UK.

2. FAQ's


Starting Driving Lessons – Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I start my driving lessons?

You can start your lessons on your 17th birthday or anytime after.

2. Do I need I provisional driving licence to start driving lessons?

Yes, you do. This is crucial. You must have a provisional driving licence. Please click the link below to if you need to apply for one. Your driving instructor will end should ask to see this on the first lesson. If you do not have one, they will not give you a lesson.
Please visit for more information.

3. Can I drive on dual carriageways when learning?

Yes, you can, in fact, it is an important skill to learn. However, you can only drive on the motorway once you have passed your driving test.

4. Can I just learn to drive an automatic car without learning manual?

Yes you can but this only entitles you to drive an automatic car. Passing your manual driving test qualifies you to drive both manual and automatic.

5. How many professiional driving lessons does it take to pass your driving test?

This is a hard question to answer, as It totally depends on the individual. Some people are test ready around the 40 hour mark; others take less or more hours depending on factors such as previous lessons & practice.

6. Do the examiners have a set quota of people they can pass a month?

No, they do not. In fact, the examiners really want you to do well in your test. They are not actively looking to fail you.

7. How long is my theory test pass valid, if I have not yet passed my practical test?

Your theory pass is valid for two years. If you do not pass your practical test in this time, the theory pass will expire and you will have to retake your theory test.

8. Can I start driving lessons without having passed the theory test?

Yes, you can. In fact, we believe it is better that you combine theory and practical training. This way you can put your theory knowledge into practice and see how those two separate skills work together.

9. Will I pass my driving test?

We will teach you to be a safe and observant driver. When you achieve this, you will be test ready. We will do our very best to help pupils pass their practical driving test

3. FAQ's

Learning to Drive - The Most Common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Looking to sit your UK driving test? There's lots of information to take in when you're learning to drive.  In this blog post we answer your most common FAQs about taking driving lessons and sitting your theory and driving test.

Getting Started with Driving Lessons

When can I start taking driving lessons?

You can start learning to drive a car on public roads from the age of 17 if you hold a provisional driving licence. You can apply for your provisional licence when you are 15 years and 9 months old.

How do I get my provisional driving licence?

You must hold a provisional driving licence before you can start driving lessons. You can get your first provisional driving licence by applying to the DVLA online or by post. Get more information about provisional licence application process here.

Can I have a driving lesson without a provisional license?

You cannot start your driving lessons without a provisional licence. A provisional licence allows you the opportunity to start learning to drive a car. 

How long does it take until I get my provisional licence?

Your provisional licence should arrive within 3 weeks of the date of application. Contact DVLA if it has not arrived by then.

Learning to Drive

What do driving instructors do?

Professional Driving instructors teach people the skills and knowledge they need to drive safely and pass their driving test.

Can I have a driving lesson before I pass my theory test?

Yes – you can take practical lessons while preparing for your theory test.  In fact, taking driving lessons whilst studying for the theory test is generally beneficial to the learning process.

Do I need professional driving lessons?

 In practice, however, to meet the high standard required to pass a driving test it is highly recommended that you take professional tuition from a DVSA qualified driving instructor. The national standard for driving cars outlines what is required to do to pass the test.  Best practice is to ensure that you can do everything without instruction.

How many driving lessons I need to take until I pass?

There are no minimum or maximum amount of hours tuition you must complete before you take a driving test. Everyone is different. According to DVSA statistics the average amount of lessons to be test ready is between professional tuition 35 and 40 hours.

Manual or automatic driving lessons?

Generally, you can pass a driving test in an automatic vehicle in less time that in a vehicle with manual transmission.  This is primarily due to the fact that there is no clutch control required in an automatic. Also, if you have mobility issues, an automatic car can be a lot easier and more comfortable to drive.

A point to remember, however, that if you pass your test in an automatic car you will be restricted to driving automatic vehicles only.  You can upgrade your licence to driving a manual vehicle at a later stage.

How many lessons a week should I take?

This is purely down to individual choice and financial circumstances. Best practice is to ensure continuity se.g. 2 hours per week.  Ongoing progress should be regularly discussed with your driving instructor.


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